The method is made to gain new expriences, explore the field of community based objects and to build bridged between different lifestiles and cultures.

It can only be undertaken with a person of trust. This person must be in a position to build a relationship of trust between a community and the project manager. The process can only begin after this.

1. Social desire
Searching for an object which enriches the community. A community reaches from family to workshop community, school community, neighbourhood, beach community, swimming community, office community, cemetary community, clan community, asylum community, garden community to a waste community.

2. Draft sketch
The wishes are collected and first ideas for implementation drafted.

3. Community
Ideas and different methods of implementation are discussed. In the end, the group decide which idea will be developed. An idea can be implemented when there is time, support from the community, material, skill and tools for it. If there are several ideas, the principle of priority applies. The priority lies with the value of the object for the community. It is calculated with a simple formula: (Number of people who benefit) x (average time per day which one benefits from the object) = value. The idea with the greatest value will be put into action.

4. Final draft
A final draft is developed.

5. Material and tools
Material and tools are organised. No money can be spent, unless the whole community wishes to invest in them.

6. Implementation
The object is built with the collaboration of the community

7. Test, presentation, improvement
The finished object is presented to the whole community and tested. Small improvements can be made, so long as material and tools are still available.

8. Reworking and evaluation
The process is documented with a photo and an experience report. The final product is placed a collection as a plan. The collection shows my experiences and offers help and inspiration for all future communities.

A dynamic process

This process is dynamic, i.e. it will not always take place in precisely this order, but rather, the individual points will be applied depending on the situation. The one thing of importance is that none of the steps is left out.

When considering the wishes of a community, a wide range of objects can emerge. In the course of my diploma projects I would like to repeat this process in three different places which are as culturally varied as possible.


The objects are developed with the community and built with material and tools from the immediate surroundings. The community is formed through the design process. When people build something they have wished for, they will continue to care for it in the future.

Our role

We see ourselfes as mediator between the community, the idea and the available resources. Our task is to empower and motivate people to take action themselves, in order to fill their community’s wishes.

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