We imagine a world where we are living independently from the market and financial circumstances. A world wherein everyone has control and trust. Everything is up for negotiation and we are responsible. What do we do if money is not important? What do we do if rather than money our resources are a hammer, some wood and nails? There are as many possibilities as there are built environments, their surroundings and humans to get involved. We believe in diversity and seek to design living environments which are based on the circumstances of the communities that they are located in, and the actual reality in which that community is living.

In such a community, humans take care of their surroundings through hands-on actions. Solutions are found in cooperation – there is an atmosphere of trust. The desires of a community are gathered, discussed and implemented.

We want an inclusive community, open to new ideas and change.

To bring this into reality we need physical environments which invite us to meet, to set aside our habitual living, to relax, to pause, to chat and to get new energy. These sites are the foundation for community.

We as the designers of the future want to take responsibility for the communities we are living in. We would like others to join us in designing and producing such objects or infrastructure. For this purpose we have developed a method.

The artisanal (non-industrial) making of objects plays a crucial role. Through a participatory process we will design and produce objects that allow humans, the communities they live, work and play in, to enjoy moments of coexistence within the context of their surroundings. Our goal is to bring together people who grew up under different circumstances and who have little in common.

Our method is not about attaining universal results. Its strength lies in its connection to the local reality. Artisanal crafts, which are developed and produced, will reflect wishes and ideas. People will be inspired to transform their living environment based on their wishes and needs, using the tools and methods that are available in their immediate surrounding. Using this method, the targeted community will create objects that build on great cooperation.

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